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Free Group Practice

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Professional Teachers

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Excellent Support

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Constant Review

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Why learn Mandarin Chinese with Chinese Online Courses?

说shuō • speak

Practice makes perfect! Speak it easily and fluently with regular practice and increase your understanding. At Chinese OnlineCourses, we combine our 1-1 private lessons with free group practice sessions guided by a teacher to help our students practice speaking Mandarin Chinese correctly and fluently.

师shī • teacher

A properly qualified, professional teacher is essential to ensure quality of teaching. Learning a language like Mandarin Chinese, it’s also important that in addition to being professional and experienced, they are also native speakers and understand both Chinese and Western cultures. We make sure this is the case, and we also make sure that every student has a ‘good fit’ with their teacher, so that at every lesson the student has a positive learning experience

信xìn • trust

We offer affordable monthly subscription plans that cover all courses. There is no major commitment up front and easy cancellation if required. We believe that students trust us to deliver the best possible online Mandarin Chinese learning experience, and will stay with us after experiencing our teaching. Our teachers continually review students' progress, and we also take regular feedback from students. This ensures that each student has a 'good fit' with their teacher, which enables effective learning and student satisfaction.

How does subscribing work?
  • We offer low cost, monthly subscription plans that are easy to start
  • They can be cancelled or changed at any time
  • You’ll always be safe from making a big financial commitment
  • We take your payments every month until you decide to stop. Just like paid subscriptions for anything else.
  • You can use any of our subscription plans to follow any of our courses.
  • Each plan has a number of lessons and group practices every month.
  • You can decide how fast or slow you want to go
  • You decide how much you can afford every month
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Our easy, flexible subscription plans can be used to pay for any of our courses.