Basic Daily Chinese courses

Learn basic Chinese for practical everyday use,discover interesting facts about modern China

What can you get from learning Basic Daily Chinese?

Lessons are based on daily situations, learning Chinese characters and words in these situations. the focus is on spoken Chinese, highlighting the essential feature of "speaking" in language learning, so that you can eventually communicate fluently in Chinese. You will discover the richness of mandarin Chinese and improve your conversation skills steadily as you progress through the course.
In these lessons, you will also discover about ancient and modern Chinese culture from traditional Chinese festivals, customs, and some famous Chinese natural beauty spots.

Levels of Basic Daily Chinese

There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is quite extensive. The purpose is to make students have full confidence in Chinese society when they have progressed through all three levels. If you have already learned some Chinese and want to get some advices where you should start this course, feel free to make an appointment to have a live talk with our professional Chinese teacher.

Suitable for complete beginners or those who have learned just a little Chinese.
Builds on the foundation skills acquired in the Beginner’s course.
Improve your grammar, vocabulary and spoken, reading and writing skills.
Learn simple language skills through basic, common daily life themes. After completion, you should be able to handle simple daily conversations in life such as greetings, shopping, ordering food, asking directions and time, etc. in Chinese.
Focus on the situations that students may encounter in learning and life, through lively, natural oral dialogue and reading. Learn more vocabulary, grammar and expressions and apply them in social environments including travel, studying, sports, medical treatment, entertainment, etc. Learn basic writings skills. After completion, you should be able to handle simple but fluent conversations, read and translate everyday signs, simple texts and write a basic set of Chinese characters (Hanzi).
Improve your grammar, vocabulary and spoken, reading and writing skills. Understand the Chinese culture through multiple aspects of Chinese families and Chinese society. Learn more fashionable and authentic practical spoken language in the dialogue to complement your existing skills. After completion, you should be able to communicate confidently with native Chinese in all situations through conversation, reading and writing.
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