Basic Daily Chinese Advanced Level

Already quite good with spoken Chinese? And beyond our Basic Daily Chinese Intermediate course level? This is where you can round off your spoken Chinese skills, learn even more about the language and culture, and continue to develop your vocabulary and ability to construct spoken sentences. Like the beginner's and intermediate courses, here we concentrate on spoken daily Chinese. In addition you'll learn more about Chinese culture and everyday social situations.

What's in this Basic Daily Chinese course?

  • Learn spoken Chinese that is closer to the way of native speech through discussing daily common events such as marriage, future planning, technological development, genetically modified food, environmental protection and crisis, etc.
  • Introduce vocabulary, idioms, colloquialisms, idiomatic expressions and allegorical expressions in Chinese that are very representative of Chinese people's lives
  • Understand the richness of spoken Chinese and improve conversation skills.
  • Learn Chinese culture through common and relatively easy-to-understand ancient sentences, such as Tradational Chinese Medicine (TCM) health care and conditioning, traditional festivals etc.

Free, regular Chinese Conversation group practice

So you can meet online with others at a similar level and practice talking in Chinese, with a teacher to help out when you get stuck!


What about after the course?

Your ability is almost at the level of a native speaker, and you should be able to flexibly control the depth and humor of your own speech, proficiently express your own opinions, and master the expression skills of all kinds of professional and non-professional fields far beyond the basic life stage. And use advanced professional vocabulary, idioms, Chinese colloquialisms, allegorical expressions, etc. to accurately and concisely express opinions. Have a deeper understanding of Chinese customs, traditional virtues, ideologies, folk customs, taboos, rules and wisdom.

Want to move fast? Intensive Basic daily Chinese course!

Like all our courses, you can have all the usual benefits of this course but take more lessons in a shorter time period, for example, one or two lessons a day, whatever suits your learning ability and need to progress faster. Just ask!

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