Basic Spoken Daily Chinese for Beginners

This courses is about beginninng to learn to speak Chinese in daily situations. As we know, learning another language other than our own is the door to a new world. Sometimes we open this door not for business or an exam, but just because we want to know more about the people who speak the language and their culture. If you’ve never learned Chinese before or just learned a few words, this course is where you start your journey into the Chinese language and culture.

What's in this Beginners Chinese Course?

Basic Daily Chinese Conversation:

Topics include:

  • greetings
  • personal details
  • location
  • transportation
  • date and time
  • ordering food
  • health
  • asking for help

Introduction to Chinese phonetics and basic Chinese grammar:

It is extremely important that students from the very beginning pay attention to the pronunciation and tones of the Chinese language.

Knowledge about structure of Chinese characters and Chinese writing rules:

Basics of writing Chinese characters, including:

  • History of Chinese Characters
  • Chinese character strokes and stroke order
  • Pictophonetic components

Introduce Chinese customs and culture

Relevant to some Chinese expressions and ideas in daily life, including:

  • Chinese Names and titles
  • Traditional Holidays
  • Chinese cuisines and Historical Sites

Free, regular Chinese Conversation group practice

So you can meet online with others at a similar level and practice talking in Chinese, with a teacher to help out when you get stuck!


What about after the course?

You should be able to handle simple daily conversations in life such as greetings, shopping, ordering food, asking directions and time etc. in Chinese. Understand some interesting Chinese cultural aspects.

Want to move fast? Intensive Basic daily Chinese course!

Like all our courses, you can have all the usual benefits of this course but take more lessons in a shorter time period, for example, one or two lessons a day, whatever suits your learning ability and need to progress faster. Just ask!

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