Basic Daily Chinese Intermediate Level

Already know some Chinese? And beyond our Basic Daily Chinese Beginner's course level? This is where you continue your exciting journey into the Chinese language and culture, developing your vocabulary and ability to construct spoken sentences. Like the beginner's course, here we concentrate on spoken daily Chinese. In addition you'll learn more about Chinese culture and everyday social situations.

What’s in this Spoken Daily Chinese course?

  • Learning more Chinese words, and how to use them correctly in different situations.
  • Understand and master Chinese tone combinations (sandhi), and correctly use modal particles to express tone and emotion. By learning different sentence patterns (grammar) in Chinese, improve the professionalism, coherence and accuracy of your spoken Chinese.
  • Introduction to some common spoken conversations and native Chinese speakers' expression habits. Practice spoken conversation through common situations in life such as the introduction of yourself and others, description of hobbies and fun social and hot topics etc.
  • Learn Chinese culture through China's social phenomena, hot topics, interesting colloquial language and proper nouns, traditional festivals, ancient idiom stories and poems.

Free, regular Chinese Conversation group practice

So you can meet online with others at a similar level and practice talking in Chinese, with a teacher to help out when you get stuck!


What about after the course?

You should be able to use authentic spoken Chinese proficiently in common occasions and situations in daily life, study and work. express opinions and suggestions, surprise and praise, dissatisfaction and complaints, comfort and persuasion, appointments and meetings, explanations and requests, reminders and defenses , And congratulations, etc. Learn more about some interesting colloquialisms, idioms and related Chinese culture.

Want to move fast? Intensive Basic daily Chinese course!

Like all our courses, you can have all the usual benefits of this course but take more lessons in a shorter time period, for example, one or two lessons a day, whatever suits your learning ability and need to progress faster. Just ask!

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