Basic Business Chinese

Going to be doing business with a Chinese company for the first time? Or planning to? Maybe even going to China to work? This is where you start your journey, with the Elementary Business Chinese course. You’ll start as an absolute beginner, or maybe have a head start if you already know a few words and phrases of Mandarin Chinese. Your teacher will take this into account when planning your course with you - that’s the advantage of our 1:1 courses, the course content will be personalised to suit your individual level and learning goals. 

If you don’t know at least a little of the language and culture, you’ll be at a disadvantage. This is true even though English is now the most popular second language in China, so you will meet many Chinese business people who speak good English. But you’ll miss out on all those side conversations and gestures. And what to do when you’re invited to dinner, or, very commonly, to go for a drink, how to behave?

Not only that, just as in any other country, you’ll be trusted quicker and make friends more easily if you can speak to a new colleague or acquaintance in their language, not one they have learnt so that they can understand you.

What’s in this Basic Business Chinese course?

- Learn Pinyin, Chinese phonetics and basic grammar

- Develop basic Chinese speaking and listening skills

- Learn common work related Chinese conversation e.g:

- Greetings and apologies
- Introduce yourself and your work, plans and/or products
- Common social conversation, hobbies, the weather and similar topics
- Understanding and describing people in a business context
- Describe common business data
- Inviting and responding to invitations 
- Basic bargaining language

- Understand common Chinese work situations like:

- Entertaining
- Office life
- Business transactions and negotiation

- Understand China's society, social environment and business culture
- Free, regular Group practice, so you can meet online with others at a similar level and practice, with a teacher to help out when you get stuck!


What about after the course?

You should be able to function at a basic level on a business visit to China, socialise with Chinese colleagues, understand what’s going on at business meetings. When you’re ready, you can move on to the Intermediate level course to continue developing your skills

Want to move fast? Intensive Business Chinese course!

Like all our courses, you can have all the usual benefits of this course but take more lessons in a shorter time period, for example, one or two lessons a day, whatever suits your learning ability and need to progress faster. Just ask!

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