Chinese Characters and culture

For people who are only interested to learn subjects like Pinyin (Chinese Alphabet), writing characters, Express Spoken Chinese or Chinese culture. These are some of our short courses. Others may be available, let us know if you have a particular interest.

Chinese Characters
Chinese Alphabet
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Chinese Culture
Chinese characters are quite unique, writing Chinese characters is a challenge to most students who are learning Chinese but also very interesting. Have you missed out learning writing when you were learning Chinese before? Then it’s time to pick up with this course. You will learn basic Chinese writing strokes and the rules of Chinese stroke order and practice. You can review characters’s radicals, fonts structure while writing, strengthening your memory and understanding of Chinese characters.
Chinese pinyin and tones are an important basis for learning Chinese. Inaccurate pronunciation and intonation are often the main reasons for misunderstanding or embarrassment in conversation. Whether you are a beginner in learning Chinese or want to improve your Chinese pinyin and tones, this course is the best choice. It will explain and practice the pronunciation of initials, vowels, tones and pronunciation skills in detail, strengthen your learning and tackle pronunciation difficulties, and rigorously correct pronunciation to lay a solid foundation for Chinese learning.
Do you have special requirements for learning Chinese? For example, studying medicine in China or planning to? Or learning about Chinese economics and trade? Or learning Chinese business law and etiquette? Or interested in Chinese idiom stories? All of these areas have their own special words and expressions, we can set up individual courses for many technical areas, taking into account your Chinese proficiency, learning goals, etc., according to your designated textbooks or recommend suitable textbooks. Please contact us to discuss and arrange.
If you are interested in China’s long history, if you are attracted by its colourful culture, if you want to learn more about the life of ancient and modern China, and understand the customs and habits of various ethnic groups in this multi-ethnic country, then you will enjoy this course. 
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