Company training program

We know many companies will want to arrange tailor made courses for some of their employees to help them be ready for doing business with China, or simply to give employees a broader perspective. We can discuss your needs and put together a course programme or programmes for consideration, at attractive prices. Please fill in the enquiry form below and we will get in touch.

Course content

The learning content is tailor-made for the company. After assessing the level of employees, we provide training programs and required training plans based on the nature of the company and its Chinese conversation, understanding, reading and listening needs. Courses are online, usually one-to-one or small groups at the same level, and the schedule can be flexible to fit in with business needs.

We conduct regular comprehensive assessments of students to measure the quality of our teaching, and at the same time provide students with class records and academic performance to ensure that the company's needs are met.

Pricing depends primarily on the training objectives, and the starting level of trainees. On the premise of ensuring the quality of teaching, the teaching plan and the fair and reasonable course price are formulated on the principle of saving company time and cost.

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Our easy, flexible subscription plans can be used to pay for any of our courses.

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