Family/Group courses

Want to learn Chinese together with your children? Or with your partner? Or close friends? This course is tailored for those who want to learn Chinese in a small group, within a family or small group.


Whether you’re complete beginners wanting to acquire Chinese language skills in all aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing, or already have some basic skills and want to quickly improve your Chinese level, we can make a custom course to suit.

After our teachers have a free assessment with you, we will design a corresponding study plan according to the Chinese level desired and select the appropriate teaching materials.

Use will be made of interactive learning, such as roles, situational dialogue exercises, etc., to create an effective communication environment and improve learning efficiency while enjoying parent-child/​family/​intimate time. The course teaching method will adopt "one‑to‑two" and "one‑to‑three" teaching packages, which is quite affordable compared to the one‑to‑one price.

Easy  to get started

Take a free trial or assessment and decide on your course.
Get your course proposal and make payment if you agree.
Agree your schedule and get started.

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