HSK pre courses

The Chinese Proficiency Tests, Hanyu ShuiPing Kaoshi (HSK for short) is an international standardised series of Chinese proficiency exams established to test non-native speakers of Chinese (including foreigners, overseas Chinese, and Chinese ethnic minority candidates).

What is the structure of the HSK exam?

There are six levels currently. However, HSK is changing. The structure of new HSK 2021 will be 9 levels, it will start from 1st July 2021. You can find more information at the official HSK site here (in English).

How to prepare for the HSK exam?

Definitive learning plan:

There are clear learning content and exam outlines for all levels of the HSK. The HSK levels 1 & 2 tests only cover listening and reading. Starting from HSK 3, it includes listening, reading and writing. In HSK 1 & 2, you need to lay a good foundation in Chinese Pinyin, and memorise the new words, sentences, grammar, etc. that need to be mastered to meet the requirements of higher levels, and gradually and continuously accumulate Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as you progress up the HSK ladder.

Join the best 1-1 individual online teaching, learn with a professional experienced teacher:

Everyone has different learning abilities. In the individual 1-1 course, your teacher will only focus on you, and adjust your learning progress at any time according to your learning situation. The help of a qualified and experienced teacher often gets twice the result with half the effort.

Revision and Practice:

It is not too difficult to learn things in class, but to always remember and use them flexibly is the ultimate goal. Under the guidance of the teacher, practicing with classmates can make your memory deeper and make learning more interesting. All courses come with free group practice classes.

2021 HSK test dates

For the HSK test date in 2021, you can log on to the official website below to get the most accurate information. According to your own continent, country, examination level, etc., check, plan, and choose the examination time. http://www.chinesetest.cn/goKdInfoOrPlan.do?type=hsk

Courses for HSK

We provide HSK courses for levels 1 to 6, use HSK standard textbooks, and design personalised learning plans based on students' current level of proficiency to help students quickly improve their Chinese.

Each course level includes special HSK test preparation to help students prepare for the test, in order to pass the test as easily as possible with high marks.


HSK1: You will learn 150 words ,basic sentences and grammar. After completing this course, you can say the time, place, greetings, meet the basic needs of daily conversation, and have the ability to learn Chinese further.
HSK2: Learn more new Chinese vocabulary and grammatical structure based on 150 words and grammar, understand the structure of Chinese characters and some Chinese culture. Upon completion, you can have simple and direct communication on familiar daily topics in Chinese.
HSK3: The Chinese vocabulary will reach 600. Improve reading skills by learning many common daily topics, and be able to use Chinese to meet the needs of personal life, learning and work, such as language skills in some situations during travel.
HSK4: The Chinese vocabulary will reach 1200. This is also the minimum requirement for many universities. After completing this course, you are basically fluent in Chinese and can almost work in a Chinese working environment, or can confidently communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.
HSK5: Chinese vocabulary will reach 2500. When you reach HSK5, you can read Chinese newspapers and magazines proficiently, enjoy Chinese film and television programs, and work well in the business environment of China. Can understand almost every sentence and speak fluently.
HSK6: The Chinese vocabulary will reach 5000. Learn to easily understand any Chinese information and express yourself fluently in Chinese in oral or written form. or even talk about philosophy. and gain a profound understanding of Chinese culture.
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