Chinese Language and Culture courses

Learn Mandarin Chinese for practical everyday use, discover and understand the colourful Chinese culture. 

What can you get from learning Chinese Language and Culture courses?

There are three courses in this group, which will take you from complete beginner to an intermediate standard in your Chinese language ability and understanding of modern day China.

Course content is based on a series of interesting, relatable stories with an underlying theme/plot that immerses students in real Chinese life and culture from the beginning. Online lessons use a variety of teaching methods, including video and audio clips, whiteboard techniques and live teaching and include speaking, writing, grammar and the cultural context of the lessons.

As you progress, you will understand the language in every story and how different cultural backgrounds shape modern Chinese. With this framework, you will learn Chinese easily and effectively, while progressing systematically from beginner to higher levels of ability. 

Because the subject matter is interesting, you will find it more like a trip to China to experience the diversity of Chinese culture. You will discover the richness of mandarin Chinese and it’s cultural background and get to know ancient and modern Chinese culture, including traditional Chinese festivals, customs, and also some famous Chinese natural beauty spots.

The course content is derived from a popular set of teaching materials produced by China International Publishing Group and Yale University, and is perfectly designed for non-native Chinese students to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Language and Culture course organisation

There are three related courses, each one follows on from the previous levels. The three courses are Beginner, Beginner-intermediate and Intermediate. At the end of the Intermediate course, students should have full confidence in Chinese society if they have followed all three courses. If you have already learned some Chinese and want to find out where you should start, take an assessment now, or have an assessment in your first meeting with your professional Chinese teacher after you have subscribed to the course. An outline of each course is given below.

Suitable for complete beginners or those who have learned just a little Chinese.
Builds on the foundation skills acquired in the Beginner’s course.
Improve your grammar, vocabulary and spoken, reading and writing skills.
Learn simple language skills through basic, common daily life themes. After completion, you should be able to handle simple daily conversations in life such as greetings, introducing yourself by age, nationality and background, talking about family and friends, discussing personal needs, school, professions and careers etc, in Chinese.
Focus on the situations that students may encounter in learning and life, through lively, natural oral dialogue and reading. Learn more vocabulary, grammar and expressions and apply them in social environments including discussing leisure activities, living situation, studying, eating and shopping for food etc. And continue practice writings skills. After completion, you should be able to handle simple but fluent conversations, read and translate everyday signs, simple texts and write a basic set of Chinese characters (Hanzi).
Improve your grammar, vocabulary and spoken, reading and writing skills. Understand the Chinese culture through multiple aspects of Chinese families and Chinese society. Learn more fashionable and authentic practical spoken language in the dialogue to complement your existing skills. Topic including visit to the doctor, finance and banking, family and relationships, media and spots etc. After completion, you should be able to communicate confidently with native Chinese in most situations through conversation, reading and writing.
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