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We offer very effective 1:1 tutoring for all levels of students to help them learn for their interests and prepare for the GCSE Chinese exam, using regular online lessons with one of our experienced, native Chinese teachers.

Reading in Chinese?GCSE 中文/考试预备课程

what is GCSE qualification?

GCSE—General Certificate of Secondary Education. All children educated in England, Northern Ireland and Wales (excluding Scotland) will take the GCSE exam at the end of year 11 and obtain results in relevant subjects.

What is gcse exam?

The exams for these are usually taken by school students at age 16. Student's scores in these exams are used as a reference for admission to A LEVEL and also supporting university applications. Chinese is one of the subjects that can be taken at the GCSE level, and is an increasingly popular course, including required subjects and optional subjects. Most students will choose 8-10 subjects (9 is the most common). In England, the required subjects are: English, mathematics, science, a foreign language, geography or history. There are many types of self-selected subjects, and students generally choose according to the subjects, specialties and preferences provided by the school, in order to give full play to their advantages and achieve the best results.

Our process of preparation for GCSE Chinese courses:

Firstly, take a free trial or assessment with our experienced GCSE Chinese teacher, Initial consultation and experience online learning live.
Secondly , determine your learning goals and set up learning plan .
Thirdly, make a payment, agree your schedule and get started!

Can I study GCSE Chinese online at home? 

Absolutely.  Anytime anywhere, flexible and individual . See our best online GCSE Chinese courses.


Our GCSE Chinese exam preparation courses


Studying for this important exam, you might need some extra help or support learning the parts of the Chinese language that you find difficult. Not everyone is the same. Our private, online and tailor-made for you GCSE Chinese tutoring is a great way to get you over the difficult parts and help you to improve your GCSE Chinese exam grades. Our experienced GCSE Chinese teachers provide the best support to take you forward to the exam with confidence. Our exam preparation courses help you to prepare properly, so that you can pass the exam as easily as possible with high marks.
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