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Studying for this important exam, you might need some extra help or support learning parts of the Chinese language that you find difficult. Not everyone is the same. Our private, online and tailor-made for you Chinese tutoring is a great way to get you over the difficult parts and help you to improve your Chinese exam grades. In these tutoring courses, our experienced IB Chinese teachers provide the best support to take you forward to the exam with confidence.

IB Chinese A1 (SL/HL) course.
The course focuses on intensive reading of a large number of Chinese and foreign literary classics and articles to improve students' understanding of context and literature.
IB Chinese A2 (SL/HL) course.
In addition to studying literary works, the course also includes learning cultural topics, focusing on the understanding of the relationship between literature and society and a deep understanding of literature.
IB Chinese B (SL/HL) course.
The course focuses on improving Chinese speaking and writing skills, and learns Chinese culture, so that you can express and communicate in Chinese confidently.
IB Chinese AB (SL) course. The course is designed for students who have never learned Chinese. The course focuses on mastering basic vocabulary and grammar, writing essays; and understanding of Chinese cultural phenomena.
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