Kids 5-11

Children’s Chinese courses - 5 modules - are designed to learn basic Chinese through fun, so that children can easily become fluent Chinese speakers and knowledgeable about China.

Module 1 - children without Chinese knowledge or only know a few basic words.
You will learn Chinese Pinyin, the pronunciation of basic Chinese characters, and simple conversational exercises including topics such as the weather, clothes, toys, and other common themes.
Module 2 - children who can already describe familiar things in Chinese.
You will learn more Chinese characters, more everyday themes and expressions including food, time, hobbies, etc.
Module 3 - children who are already able to communicate with short Chinese sentences.
You will learn more vocabulary and use longer sentences to describe the ability to express things including personal interests, school life, simple poetry, etc.
Module 4 - children who can already describe different situations with simple sentences.
You will learn more Chinese phrases, characters and idioms to increase vocabulary and cultural knowledge. Introduction to Chinese grammar to improve reading skills, practice writing, etc.
Module 5 - children who can already express themselves reasonably well in Chinese.
You will deepen your understanding of Chinese culture through reading famous works and writing exercises, and use Chinese to describe things more correctly.
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