Kids 3-5

There are many reasons why parents want their children to learn a second language very early. Helping a child to become bilingual has positive benefits, studies have shown that the brains of bilingual children have two language systems, which makes them have better cognitive ability and creativity. Plus of course helping them to communicate better when they are grown up.


Choosing Chinese as the extra language opens up a world of rich culture end experience for the young child. Our Chinese language course for children uses animation, cards, games, etc. to stimulate learning through fun, children’s interest in Chinese characters will be cultivated from the early days.

The one-to-one course allows children to learn comfortably at home, each lesson is limited to 30 minutes which is about the span of learning attention for young children.

Typically, the course content will be numbers, the names of family members, the names of daily necessities and so on with an introduction to very common Chinese characters (Hanzi).

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