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Chinese Small Group Lessons

Chinese student in public group
Chinese student in public group
Chinese student in public group
Chinese student in public group
Chinese student in public group

Before finding our great monthly group lessons, you may have tried to learn Chinese studying:

  • By yourself
  • Maybe using an app
  • Or from free social media posts

These are all great, but it’s hard to learn systematically and to get the social interaction experience which is essential for developing a complete set of skills in Chinese language. 

Here at Chinese Online Courses we offer group lessons open to everyone so that you can have an excellent experience of learning Chinese successfully and quickly but:

Why you’d like to join one of our small groups

  • 100% teacher-led live lessons

A native professionally qualified Chinese teacher is the key to your success. You’ve got it!

  • 24/7 homework support

Have questions after class? Simply leave messages and get answers ASAP. You are not alone!

  • Group size 3-6 students

The group is small, between 3 and 6 students, just right for learning together and practising your skills. Every student has an equal chance of participating in the class. Perfect!

  • 4 lessons in 4 weeks only €19.9*

 *Pay €19.9 every 4 weeks for 1 lesson/week or €39.8 every 4 weeks for 2 lessons/week. Pay €9.9 now to reserve a seat for the next available group group then start regular payments every 4 weeks while the course lasts. We’ll send you a payment request 1 week before the course starts. First come first served!

  • Around 36 lessons for each level

It’ll take around 36 lessons for each level, e.g. to complete Beginner’s material or reach HSK Level 1. So you can achieve this in 18 weeks if you take 2 lessons/week, for example.

  • Fun and challenging

Develop your new language with frequent interactive practices in your group, it’s fun and definitely not boring!

  • Get up to speed with Chinese quickly!

Believe in your self and join us, 我们一起说中文吧!

How to get started?

Currently Available Courses

HSK 1-3: Fully learn Mandarin - Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Prepare for an HSK Chinese exam.

Spoken Chinese: Levels 1-3. Focus on listening and speaking skills, learn to use Chinese quickly and be able to speak Chinese naturally, confidently and correctly like a native Chinese.

You’ll pay €9.90 now to reserve a place in any Group. When you book or reserve a Group Course we will contact you after booking to:

If you change your mind at least 1 week before the course start date you can cancel without charge and get your deposit back

Book your seat 


Book or reserve now

Note: Payments are made to Xinmanyizu, owner of Chinese Online Courses


Q: Can I get my €9.9 deposit back if I change my mind?

A: If you cancel 7 days before the class you’ve booked starts, we’ll refund you.

Q: Can I change to another class at the same day?

A: Definitely not after the course starts, but we will try to offer you an alternative if we can before the courses starts. Just ask in plenty of time

Q: Do I need to buy a textbook?

A: Not necessary. Teacher will provide hands out after every lesson, you can use them to review or practice. But it’s easy to order a textbook online or buy it from a book store if you want, the teacher will give you details.

Q: How does that “24/7 homework support” work ?

A: You will join a Skype group after you start your lesson, in where you can leave messages in the chat room whenever you have questions, and you may also discuss with other students. Teacher will answer you ASAP when they see the message.

Q: Can I change to another plan later?

A: Yes. You can change to other subscription plans including 1-1 lessons before next the payment date. If you request this, we will have a meeting with you to help you choose the right plan for you.

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