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You're definitely welcome! Experience our fun live Chinese lesson with one of our excellent native Chinese teachers.

Absolutely free!

We have regular, free live Chinese lessons on Zoom with random subjects that we choose from time to time.

Examples are: HSK levels 1-4 sample lessons, spoken Chinese, Chinese cultural items and other subjects that we feel are interesting from time to time.

Lesson times: Every Thursday 18:00 (CET) / Saturday 13:00 (CET)


You can watch live or see recordings of previous free lessons, without registration, on  our Facebook page

How to join?

Just fill in the form here

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

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Classes are free, but you need to register to receive an invitation for a particular time, as numbers are limited to make it a real experience.

Or you can take our Free Trial if you want a 1:1 experience, perhaps after having joined a free lesson or watched a recording of a free lesson on Facebook.

You can find the Free Trial application on our Home page, or here.

Special Offer!

Is the time not suitable for you?

Would you like to try a 50 minute 1 on 1 Chinese lesson with us for just €9? 

Contact us now, anytime and anywhere, meet our professional teachers from China whenever it suits you.

About this 50 minutes 1 on 1 Chinese lesson:

* Your choice of time
* Let us know about your Chinese level and what course you would like to try and we will tailor our lesson accordingly
* Experience an authentic online classroom with one of our teachers
* Get to know more about our teaching method and how our online school works
* Get feedback on your strengths and weaknesses

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