Free Mandarin Chinese Group practice

Free Mandarin Chinese Group practice

At Chinese Online Courses, the group practice class is FREE for students to practice Chinese with classmates under the guidance of professional teachers.

Yes, it is FREE!

Why this group Chinese lesson is free?

Good question. Before we get to the answer, let’s think about if it’s easy to learn Chinese? Maybe it is, but the actual situation of most students learning Chinese is that they are working hard in the 1:1 course, but after a lesson, they easily forget how to use it. This is often because they have no opportunity to practice easily, other than with their teacher. This can be the case for students who are learning remotely outside China, which is becoming the normal situation for many. These students often do not know how to practice, or who to practice with.

If you don't use it after studying, a language will easily disappear from memory soon. Although you have spent so much time studying hard in your classes and perhaps by yourself with the textbook. Repeated practice of speaking and listening can help you transfer words from short-term memory to long-term memory, help you speak fluently quickly, and help you learn to read and write.

The key to a successfully learning Chinese or any other language is being able to “speak” and “listen”, this is the stepping stone to deeper learning and higher proficiency with the language. After all, communication is the ultimate goal of learning a language. Regularly speaking and listening is particularly important, as Chinese is a tonal language. The student needs to master correct pronunciation of new words and phrases as they are learnt, as differences in tones and changes in the tone of the pronunciation of similar words may represent completely different meanings.

You may easily find ways to practice speaking and listening, such as chatting with someone including robots and apps, but there is nothing as effective as practicing with other students at the same level under the guidance of a professional teacher. A professional teacher on the spot in group practice can help you correct pronunciation, intonation, grammar, and help practice what you learnt recently.

Learning Chinese still requires perseverance, like any language, but as humans, we are easily distracted and sometimes it is difficult to focus. But with students at a similar stage in small groups, it's different. There is nothing more interesting than being with real people to practice Chinese, or for children learning, playing games in Chinese as a fun way of learning.

Online learning can be quite isolating, but if you take advantage of this free group practice, you will get to know other students like you, and share the fun and challenges of learning Chinese. You will have fun, your speaking skills will improve rapidly, and you will become more and more confident in speaking and listening to Chinese.

Who is this course for?

Chinese Online Courses believe in making sure everyone gets a good result from their learning! We love to do everything possible to make sure all of our students learn well enough to use what they have learned with confidence. the group practice class is FREE for all of our students to practice Chinese with classmates under the guidance of professional teachers.

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