Advantages of 1:1 individual online Chinese language teaching

Chinese Online Courses is dedicated to private, individual,1:1 online teaching for adults, teens and children. Because we know how valuable time is and that a personal, effective, flexible learning process is needed for you.

With modern internet communication, it is easy to connect people across the world.

Now you don't have to travel thousands of miles to fly to China to learn Mandarin Chinese, you can learn whenever suits you and wherever you are. Connect with some of the best teachers in China, without either of you having to leave home.

Personal and Effective Chinese learning

Everyone’s learning style and needs are different, even when the course material is the same.

Our teachers are committed to helping you achieve your learning goals, and will take time to understand your individual needs and learning style and adjust their teaching to match. Because with a dedicated 1:1 class this is possible, unlike with a group class. 

As a first step for each student after subscribing, we have a meeting to discuss what you want to learn and make an initial learning plan based on your individual needs and current Chinese proficiency. This process is entirely free and does not take up one of your lessons.

Once you has started a course ,the teacher will continually review progress and discuss and agree any changes to the schedule that are needed. Your problem areas such as pronunciation, comprehension and recognition of important Chinese characters can be spotted quickly and corrected. Completely personal and very cost effective.

Flexible 1:1 Chinese lessons

You can choose to study at a time that suits you best, in the morning before work or school, lunch break, afternoon, after dinner or before bed, without having to follow a class timetable.

You can also change the course time, increase or decrease the number of lessons per week. If you feel that the relationship with the teacher is not working, you can even change to a new one. 

Studying Chinese Comfortably

Choose to sit comfortably in your favourite spot at home, instead of having to travel and rush to a school to join a class.

Or anywhere else that’s suitable, as long as you have a computer, a good internet connection and privacy to talk and interact with the teacher.

High quality Chinese language learning experience with 1:1 classes

Your teacher focuses on you, gives you more opportunities to speak, helps you to participate fully, and makes your learning interesting and involving.

You can ask questions and make comments without worry and always be heard. Truly a 1:1 interactive, high quality experience

Bringing China to you in your Chinese lessons

You will be studying directly with a real Chinese teacher, usually living in China, in a live 1:1 video lesson.

This will bring the feel and atmosphere of everyday China to you in every lesson, introducing you to what goes in in ordinary Chinese life as well as learning the language.

Teachers will also explain aspects of Chinese culture as the classes progress, helping you understand both modern and ancient China.

Your Chinese language teacher as a good mentor and friend

Studying in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere not only makes learning easier and more efficient, but also often creates friendship between teachers and students.

After a period of 1:1 learning, the teacher and you understand each other better. Not only you have  learnt Chinese, but have gained a Chinese friend, helping to learn more about modern China’s daily life and ancient customs.