Intensive Chinese courses

Do you need to learn Chinese or improve your Chinese skills quickly in a short period? Now, you don't have to fly thousands of miles to China, wherever you feel comfortable, at any time that suits you, you can take an intensive Mandarin Chinese course online.


It is intensive but also very flexible.  you can choose the course type that suits you, or we can agree a personal learning goal and you can take as many private classes as you like in a day, a week or a month. Intensive Chinese courses can be one of the best ways to learn Chinese if you have the time over a short period.

 You can immerse yourself in Chinese on a daily basis, which helps to get used to the pronunciation, tones and sounds of Chinese quickly. Understanding grammar, memorising Chinese characters and their meaning related to cultural background becomes easier as you immerse yourself in your studies.Your personal teacher will be more like a daily work colleague or instructor and will intensively train you at the fastest pace possible for you.

Intensive Chinese Course features:

Flexible: Choose your time to study for one week, one month, two months or longer. It is recommended to study 4-6 lessons per day, 50 minutes per lesson, 5 consecutive days a week, or according to your requirements.

Private: This is a 1-1 individual intensive Chinese learning, your teacher is completely focused on you, and you can express your opinions and practice freely.

Personalisation: Your teacher will advise you if you can speed up your learning or need to slow down, according to how they perceive your progress. Perfectly optimised for you as an individual.

Free group exercises: Participate in a free group suitable for your level, meet like-minded international friends, and greatly improve your Chinese level.

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