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Learn Chinese together with Friends & Family Lessons

Friends and Family Chinese learning group
Friends and Family Chinese learning group

Discover more ways and reasons to learn Chinese at cost effective prices with Friends and Family lessons!

Online Chinese Lessons - Friends & Family

At a glance

  • 3 Subscription plans: 
    • 1, 2 or 3 lessons/week
  • No commitment Free Trial in all plans
  • Up to 3 students in the same private group 
  • Your own teacher
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Flexible, Individual Study Plan
  • Ask a teacher questions anytime
  • Regular review of learning progress

Many students would like to study in their own small group of friends or family members or even work colleagues. With Friends and Family lessons, subscribers can add 1 or 2 more students to their subscription for just a little extra every month. They must all join the same lessons as a group, either using the same device or their own equipment from other locations, whatever is the most convenient. Everything else is the same as a 1:1 online lesson, including the Free Trial. The examples below show how this can make learning Chinese both fun and cost effective.

Example 1:

Susan is studying for her GCSE Chinese with two of her friends at school. Their parents want their children to have some help with their studies but are worried about the extra cost of Chinese lessons outside school. So Susan’s parents sign up for the Teens 12-17 1 lesson/week Friends & Family plan with a month’s Free Trial then €119/month and the other parents agree to share the cost. This means that the students have 4 free lessons to get used to studying online in their own group, and then it costs around €40/month for 4 lessons or €10/lesson for each student. If it doesn’t work for them, the subscription can be cancelled at any time or when the students are ready for their exams.

Example 2:

2 friends and colleagues decide that they want to learn Business Chinese together . They like the idea of learning online because they can get a real Chinese teacher and they don’t have to travel to lessons, but the cost of 1:1 lessons is a little high. They choose a Business Chinese 2 lesson/week Friends & Family plan for €179/month that includes a 2 week Free Trial at the start. They can attend the lessons together either with their own computers or get together when they feel like it, and share the cost so each of them pays around €60/month for at least 8 lessons each month. If it’s not right for them, they can cancel during the Free Trial Period. Otherwise they can continue until they feel they’ve learnt enough, or perhaps to choose to take an HSK exam to prove their Chinese ability, and then cancel their subscription

Example 3:

Jim and 2 of his friends decide that they’re going to take a long vacation together and visit China for several weeks but realise that they need to learn Chinese and understand the culture before they go. Because they want to travel in a few months time, Jim signs up for the Regular Chinese 3 lesson/week Friends &Family plan with one week’s Free Trial and then €239/month, sharing the cost so that each one pays around €80/month for at least 12 lessons. After several months, they’ve learnt enough to get them by on their trip, so they can choose to cancel their subscription or continue up to their vacation to become more confident.

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