Questions & Answers

Common questions and their answers will be accumulated on this page.

When you subscribe, you'll have a free consultation with us before you start your lessons

We'll determine the current level of your Chinese (if any), discuss your learning goals and suggest the best course for you

Teachers deliver all lessons via 1-1 online video lessons connecting teacher and student. Teachers are all well-qualified, and with a minimum of 3 years experience.

In addition, all teachers have the ability to work effectively online and to easily form a rapport with students to ensure effective learning. Teachers are checked and assessed regularly and by reviewing students feedback to maintain quality.

  • With our monthly subscription plans, you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied, just like other subscription schemes
  • Subscription fees are not refunded, but when you cancel, you can still take the lessons that you paid for in that month
  • Courses and lessons are not transferable. Chinese Online Courses reserves the right to change the refund policy without prior notice.

With our low cost monthly subscription schemes, you only pay for as long as you need to continue learning

How long you need to learn depends on your learning goals, which we will help you decide on at the beginning of your subscription

  • Long lessons are usually around 50 minutes, short lessons around 25 minutes
  • Group Practice sessions are usually around 50 minutes
  • Lessons can be scheduled at any time in the month and in any combination
  • e.g. 1 long lesson, 1 short lesson or 1 long lesson plus 1 short lesson taken together
  • Not usually. However, we know that students and teachers don't always 'click'
  • So we can change teachers early in the course to find the right match
  • We'll do this as often as necessary until the student is happy and comfortable
  • It's always important to us to find the right balance for teachers and students
  • No. The text books we use are all from recognised professional publishing houses in the field of Teaching and Research as a Foreign Language in China, e.g. Beijing Language and Culture University Press
  • Most of these books are readily available in online stores as printed and/or e-books
  • A few are only available from some Chinese book websites, we can help students obtain these
  • The text books we use are more than adequate and in addition are well-proven
  • Where necessary, teachers will supplement these text books with their own material or demonstrations in the lesson
  • This gives students a better, more personal, experience
  • Our focus is on 1-1 teaching, i.e. 1 teacher and 1 student
  • The only time this is different are our Group Practice sessions, where there are a number of students with 1 teacher
  • Exceptionally, we can accommodate a couple or a small family group who want to learn together
  • Please contact us if this is the case
  • Best Ways To Learn Chinese 2021
  • This is our popular blog about the best way(s) to learn Chinese for beginners
  • It's full of interesting tips and tricks
  • Or just subscribe to one of our plans and get started!
  • This depends on an individual student's ability and also how frequently they take lessons
  • However, in all cases students will learn faster with our unique Group Practice sessions, included free in every subscription
  • Students are also free to choose how often they take lessons
  • 1-3 lessons a week is the normal range, but we can arrange an Intensive course for those are in a hurry!
  • It's difficult to say how long it will take someone to learn Mandarin Chinese since it varies widely from person to person
  • The official Chinese assessment system, HSK, suggests that most people will reach HSK level 3 in about 3-4 months of regular weekly classes
  • HSK level 3 is equivalent to a competent beginner, someone who is able to read, write and speak at a basic level
  • To reach the higher levels, more time will be needed. When you begin studying, your learning goals will be agreed and your teacher will periodically review your progress with you