Learn & Earn referral program

Chinese online courses provides some of the best and most affordable Chinese learning content in the market. We want to make sure you gain the most from us, not only by prioritising educational quality, but also by providing an opportunity to our student to invite your friends to join our courses at a discount for them and some money back for you.

Being the student of Chinese Online Courses, you know the joy of learning a new language and culture. So, let’s share this happiness to your friends and invite them to join your learning journey!

Every time you recommend a friend, they get a 5% discount on their purchase. The first recommendation you make, you also get 5% of the cost of your course back. You may make up to 10 such referrals, adding 1% to the amount of your cash rebate each time to the maximum of 15%.

Invitation Commission
1st 5%
2nd 6%
3rd 7%
4th 8%
5th 9%
and so on and so forth
How it works
Share your personal ‘Learn & Earn’-link in any platform to your friends
Your friends click into the link and purchase our courses
You will then receive the reward points automatically added into your account after 16 days
Click here to make a referral

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