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Spoken Chinese - Concentrate on speaking!

If you want to start your Chinese learning journey by learning to listen and speak without spending time on learning specific reading and writing skills, or if you already have the ability to read and write but still cannot "speak" Chinese naturally and fluently, then our spoken Chinese courses are undoubtedly the best choice. 

It will help you learn to use Chinese quickly and be able to speak Chinese naturally, confidently and correctly like a native Chinese. It will also prepare you to take the Chinese HSKK which is the official Chinese test for spoken Chinese only, if you want to take that exam.

At a glance

    •    Levels: total beginner to intermediate

    •    Delivered by individual 1:1 or Group sessions

    •    Each level 30-40 1:1 sessions 

    •    Each session  50 minutes

•    Learn conversational Chinese through real social situations

•    Teacher will assess your Chinese level in a first pre-course meeting after you subscribe or after you subscribe to a Group class higher than Beginner


By popular demand

Friends and Family Online Chinese Lessons

Friends & Family Chinese Course SC-FF1

1 session/week

Up to 3 students in class

€59 1st month then €119/month

Friends & Family Chinese Course SC-FF2

2 sessions/week

Up to 3 students in class

€89 1st month then €179/month

What is this and how does it work?

Friends & Family Chinese Course SC-FF3

3 sessions/week

Up to 3 students in class

€109 1st month then €219/month

We understand that many people who want to study Chinese would like to study together with close friends or other members of the family, both to reduce the cost by sharing and to have someone else to work with.

While we do have group lessons, these are open to the public and it can’t be guaranteed that your friends or family members will be in the same group, these maybe unattractive and they often fill up quickly.

We’ve had a number of requests for friends and/or family to study together, so we’re introducing a trial of a new subscription scheme, which we call ‘Friends and Family’.

With this subscription scheme, you can sign up for 1,2 or 3 lessons a week as with our 1:1 subscriptions. However, for only a little more than the 1:1 subscription, you can have 1 or 2 of your friends or family study with you. You’ll make your own private group!

The only rules are that you all have your lessons together at the same time, keep to the same schedule that you agree between yourselves and our teacher and that the members of the group stay the same unless we agree a change with you. You can join lessons using the same computer or device if that works for you, or you can each sign into the lesson on your own device.

Subscriptions will need to be paid by one person, so you’ll need to sort out between yourselves how the other members of the group pay the subscriber for their lessons. Our usual easy change and cancellation rules apply to this scheme.

Using this scheme, 3 people can take 1 lesson/week for around €40/month each which makes an exceptionally low price of €10/lesson, and half of that for the first month. Since the group is small our experienced teachers will be able to give you the same quality experience as a 1:1 online lesson.

Get started by choosing one of the new subscription schemes. When you subscribe, we’ll send you an email asking for the names and emails of the other students you wish to invite into your group. Or, if you’re a parent who is paying, you can nominate someone else instead of yourself plus the others. Then we’ll do the rest to get your private group started as soon as possible.

Questions? We’re always happen to talk to you

Email us at info@chineseonlinecourses.com


Message us on WhatsApp 

1:1 Online Chinese Lessons

• Your own teacher

• Study at your own pace 

• Flexible, Individual Study Plan

• Ask a teacher questions anytime

• Regular review of learning progress

Choose your subscription from one of the options below

Chinese Online Course SC-IND1

1 session/week

€49 1st month then €99/month

Chinese Online Course SC-IND2

2 sessions/week

1 extra session/month


€79 1st month then €159/month

Chinese Online Course SC-IND3

3 sessions/week

 €99 1st month then €199/month

Limited Time


First payment

50% Off

Group Online Chinese Lessons

• Fixed date & times

• Small, 2-5 groups

• Interaction with other students

• Class community support

• Regular review of learning progress

Choose your Group class from the available options below

    •    Spoken Chinese Beginners

    •    Starts 14 Jan 2022

    •    2 sessions/week (1 double)

    •    Every Friday 19:30-21:20

    •    All times Beijing Time

    •    40 (2/week) 50 min sessions 

Chinese Online Course SC1-22.01

First payment €35 then €69 / 4 weeks


Q: How can I learn Spoken Chinese without learning characters?

A: You will see Chinese characters in the material, but they are always accompanied by the pinyin which is the verbal translation and what is used to learn to speak Chinese.

Q: I’ve already passed HSK4, is this course still useful for me?

A: Yes, it might be. Many students who are successful at passing HSK levels do not become equally successful in speaking and listening fluently. This course focusses on speaking and listening, training students in practical daily conversations, so it will refresh some of the basics and rapidly build better speaking and listening skills. In a 1:1 course, the teacher will adapt to whatever level of Chinese you have already obtained and concentrate on improving your speaking and listening skills.

Q: What will I learn in this course?

A: The material we use, including the textbooks, is designed to develop speaking and listening skills through common conversations used in real life daily situations, for example shopping, restaurants, talking about the weather, normal social situations etc. 

Q: Do I have to be a beginner to start this course?

A: No. Unless you choose the beginner’s group course, in a 1:1 course the teacher will assess the level of your Chinese and start at the appropriate place in the course. If you’ve never learned Chinese, you’ll start as a beginner.

To ensure that you learn effectively, this course uses:

Course textbooks suitable for international Chinese education:

We use textbooks specially prepared for international students, which are in line with the learning characteristics of non-native Chinese students.

Note: These are not provided, but are easily available from most booksellers

Regular review of student’s progress, identification of individual problems:

No two students are the same. From the beginning of the course, the teacher will make sure that they understand the student’s expectations and identify the student's learning difficulties and weaknesses. During the course, the teacher will make sure that the student is able to overcome any difficulties and meet their expectations.

Highly qualified teachers of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language:

Our teachers all have a university diploma in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and practical teaching experience in teaching non-native Chinese students. 

Mandarin requires correct pronunciation and intonation. Our teacher has a Mandarin Chinese certificate in addition to their other qualifications, which guarantees that they will teach you the correct Chinese (Mandarin, the national standard) and pronounciation.

Flexible monthly subscription payments:

We are very confident in the quality of our courses. Therefore, we offer flexible monthly payments. You can start this wonderful Spoken Chinese course without paying a large fee before beginning the course. Continue for as long as you need, cancel at any time if it’s not for you.

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